New Patients

Your initial visit is designed to help us get to know each other, learn more about your injury and/or condition and design a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals and enjoy a healthy life.

Registration forms may be completed in advance and can be downloaded from our website or by calling one of our facilities.

Please bring your completed forms to your appointment along with your physician referral (if applicable). You also may obtain registration forms at our facility and complete them prior to your appointment – please allow 15 minutes before your appointment time for paperwork.

What to expect

During your first appointment, your therapist will review your medical history and complete a physical examination based on your diagnosis and symptoms. Depending on your condition and your exam, the therapist may request that you change into a treatment gown or shorts. The examination will include an evaluation of your current functional limitations, and may include an evaluation of your strength, balance, posture, coordination, flexibility and pain levels.

Based on the results of your exam, your therapist will design a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve mutually agreed-upon goals. Generally, your treatment will begin on your first visit; therefore your first appointment is usually a little longer than your follow-up visits. You may experience some mild soreness following your examination and first treatment as with any new exercise.

Your therapist will discuss with you the number of visits and/or frequency of treatment that she/he recommends to help you achieve your goals. For each subsequent visit, your therapist will inform you of appropriate attire to wear. If you have been referred by a physician, your therapist will share the results of your examination with your doctor, as well as your treatment plan and goals.